How does it work

1st Step: Send us your music


  • Prefered: Send us your music via Wetransfer (or equivalent) or via soundcloud (remember to allow downloads if you do). Adress it to our sound enginner DJ Bambooh via twitter (@djbambooh).
  • If you don’t have a twitter account try with an email to ignasics [ad] gmail [dot] com
  • Or let’s arrange a meeting and bring your music in a USB key


2nd Step: Test and mastering


  • We will make a little test to assess feasibility. also to see if the track needs special remastering (or it will do just fine after passing through our sound optimizer)


3rd Step: Delivery


  • Old school pick up: We meet somewhere in downotwn Brussels (where we are based) and we’ll bring your freshly pressed order along.
  • Home delivery pick up: If you can’t make it to Brussels we could arrange for a shipment (national or international) but then we’ll ask you to take the costs on board.


Easy right?

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